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Infused with 26 natural ingredients our Carmel Treatment, Carmelux Conditioner, Nutrient Scalp Replenisher, Hair Food and Hair Gloss is designed to gently cleanse, repair, moisturize, soften, protect and promote hair growth and thickness. Recommended for ages 1 yrs old-adult. This bundle does not contain shampoo

  1. Dampen hair. Apply the Carmel Treatment. Sit with a plastic cap for 20 mins (or desired time). Rinse well.
  2. Apply Carmelux Conditioner, massage scalp for two mins. Rinse and repeat. DO NOT RINSE THE SECOND CONDITION OUT!
  3. Detangle hair with a wide tooth comb.
  4. Spray the Nutrient Scalp Spray on the scalp while the conditioner is still in the hair. Sit for two mins. Rinse well. 
  5. Air Dry or Blow Dry 
  6. Apply one dropper full of Hair Food along the scalp. Massage well into scalp.
  7. Apply 1-2 quarter sizes of Hair Gloss into the palm of hand. Rub into the root of hair and down the hair strands. Style as desired.

*NOTE: Step 6 and 7 is not recommended for freshly cleansed hair that is set to be heat-styled with a flat iron or curling iron. These steps will make the hair oily. This regimen is best for freshly cleansed hair that is set to be in a protective style, wash & go, twist, ponytail, etc.

*NOTE: If your hair is heat-styled, start with steps 1-5, then add a pea-sized amount of Hair Gloss BEFORE flat ironing and/or curling. AFTER 5 days of wearing the style, apply HAIR FOOD to your scalp to promote healthy hair growth.



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